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Jennifer Rossy


Welcome to this space where you can heal & nurture your
body, mind & spirit.

Offering a Holistic and Integrated Approach to Healing the Root Cause of Your Suffering & Pain

Are you so busy that you suffer from feelings of disconnect, pain and exhaustion?


Are you looking for proven guidance, support, and strategies to get unstuck and maximize your healing experience?

Do you know that you are stuck because there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?


Do you feel that mind, body, spiritual therapies provide a wide array of teachings and therapeutic support but you have no idea where to start?

I'm here to help!!!

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Body Healing provides an opportunity to work with soft tissue pain and dysfunctions through massage therapy and yoga.

Jennifer offers Registered Massage Therapy both in Almonte & Carleton Place ON.

Mind Healing  uses meditation, focused breath work and yoga nidra to connect you with mindfulness. 

Being aware of your body, calming your nervous system and practicing presence all promote optimal health & healing.

Spiritual Healing uses energetic and metaphysical concepts to promote self connection and a sense of wholeness.

Jennifer offers Reiki Healing & Spiritual Guidance both in Almonte & Carleton Place ON as well as online. 

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As the Founder of The Holistic Healing Hub I hope to share my passion for holistic healing with you!

I have a simple mission... and that is to empower you through mind-body therapeutics and spiritual connection so you can optimize deeper healing experiences and align with the highest version of yourself.

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Health & Healing Includes the Principles of YOGA! 

Yoga provides a pathway to living your life in a healthy and balanced way. When you develop a true connection to your inner self you empower your mind-body connection and how you "show up" in your life!

Chronic and continued stress in both your body and mind contribute to the illnesses and dysfunctions that affect how you live your life and function within your relationships.

Health is not merely the absence of disease, it is a feeling of joy, curiosity, strength, stability and balance within yourself. It gives you the opportunity to move with more ease and experience gratitude for what you have. Stress within your body's tissues changes how you move and experience your day to day. It creates and worsens your pain cycle not to mention wreaking havoc within your mind.

A regular yoga practice helps to release the stress and tension in your spine, joints and muscle tissues. It helps to promote healthy breathing and a relaxed mind. Health & healing come to be when your body, mind and spirit are in a state of balance or union...which is the literal definition of yoga.



Holistic Healing


This type of healing addresses all of who you are in body, mind & spirit. To truly benefit from the concept of wholeness, it is necessary to nurture each part of your being. To heal is to become whole and I am here to support you on your journey!

This "NEW" online program is for those of you who work sitting at a computer for a living. It gives the step-by-step guidance needed (plus a supportive community of like minded people) to address your nagging back and neck pain from home.

Faulty posture can lead to tendon problems, increased spinal degeneration, chronic headaches, frozen shoulder, chronic stress, carpal tunnel, pain conditions and more.... 

In this program you will get the proven and practical strategies that will help you get into the drivers seat of your own health!

The Healthy
Posture Program

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You Are Wealthy
If You Are Healthy!

If you knew that you could have a huge impact on your current and future health, would you do it?

We live in a digital age but our bodies actually DO NOT like sitting all day for a variety of reasons.

Find out the top 3 ways "poor posture" is damaging your health and remember....

Awareness is everything!


.... of course you would!

Yes, I want the 3-Page Download!
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