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I'm Jennifer!

Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Healer

As a Registered Health Professional with 20 years experience, and yoga teacher with 8 years exerience, I have been blessed to be a part of hundreds of healing journeys.

To align with healing and a healthy lifestyle your stress levels need to be addressed. Your body's tissues become stressed when you spend countless hours on the computer, and with our fast paced technological age our minds are coping with more and more information. Often we are overloading our system without even knowing it. We tend to figure out we are in overload/overwhelm when we encounter anxiety, panic, chronic tension headaches, back pain, illness, fatigue, poor sleep, mood changes and digestive disturbances etc. 

It is my mission to help busy people reduce mind-body stress so they can boost their immune system, relax their nervous system, and promote optimal movement and mobility. As a spiritual healer I hope to help you release what no longer serves you, improve energy flow in your being and support you on your spiritual healing journey.

I am currently taking additional courses to bring to your holistic healing journey for 2024 including; healing trauma with energy work and myofascial release, reiki master level 3 and a yoga nidra teacher training.

May we learn, share and heal together!





Body Healing provides an opportunity to work with soft tissue pain and dysfunctions through massage therapy and yoga.

Jennifer offers Registered Massage Therapy both in Almonte & Carleton Place ON.

Mind Healing  uses meditation, focused breath work and yoga nidra to connect you with mindfulness. 

Being aware of your body, calming your nervous system and practicing presence all promote optimal health & healing.

Spiritual Healing uses energetic and metaphysical concepts to promote self connection and a sense of wholeness.

Jennifer offers Reiki Healing & Spiritual Guidance both in Almonte & Carleton Place ON as well as online. 

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