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Coaching Contract

The Healthy Posture Program



About Jennifer Rossy

Jennifer Rossy is a Registered Health Care Professional in the province of Ontario, Canada (Massage Therapist-since 2004), and a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (since 2015). She received an honours designation from Algonquin College’s Health Sciences 3-year 2200-hour Massage Therapy Program in Ottawa, ON, Canada in 2003. She has been a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario since January 2004 and thrives on educating & supporting others on their holistic healing journey.

Jennifer became a Registered 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2015 and believes that when given the right information, guidance and support you can transform your stress/pain experience so you can live your life with more autonomy and vitality.


Your 12-Week Healthy Posture Program

When you sit at computers for long periods of time you cause repetitive strain on your muscles, soft tissues and stress to the bones of your spine. If this does not get addressed on a regular basis you set the stage for shoulder and neck pathologies and chronic pain.

As a participant of this 12-week program you will receive:

Weekly coaching sessions geared towards answering questions and troubleshooting strategies with Jennifer Rossy (12 sessions)

Weekly functional yoga  sessions LIVE with Jennifer (12 sessions)

Weekly learning material (online course format)

Downloads and exercises to support your process

1 years access to online course (The healthy Posture Program)

Unlimited access to our Private Facebook Group

Weekly check in on your progress


How the Group Coaching Calls Work


Jennifer has structured these online calls to support the online learning content of The Healthy Posture Program and give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss implementation strategies and customize learning content so it aligns with your personal goals for wellnessAfter each coaching session there will be a functional yoga class online with Jennifer to target the muscle imbalances associated with faulty posture and repetitive sitting at a computer.


Group coacing calls are held on the zoom platform and will be recorded as a video and uploaded into your online course portal for later viewing or if you have to miss a session.


The Healthy Posture Program Commitment:

As with anything you do it is important to remember that you will get out of this program what you put into it. Using all the learning information, strategies and support will give you the best possible outcome to combat the neck and back pain associated with chronic sitting and usage of digital devices. 


Results of any wellness program can vary from person to person, and you understand that you are responsible for your own best outcomes.



I am passionate about educating and supporting you throughout the program but do also have to consider my own self care and wellness. If you need to reach me or have a question that can’t wait until our weekly coaching session or check in by chat then you can text me @ 613-868-3447. I hold office hours on Wednesday afternoons from 12-4pm and Fridays from 10am -2pm. I will answer you as quickly as I can and as my schedule allows. I thank you in advance for your patience.


Additional Considerations

It is important to note that the nature of this program is offered in a virtual format and that at times internet can be an issue even in the best of locations. I have no control over internet malfunctioning and if it is ever an issue during any part of your coaching sessions we will simply reschedule. Each week delivers new content that you then have access to for the duration of the program.

Due to the online nature of this coaching program and its associated online course there are no refunds offered once you have been enrolled.


I thank you for your understanding.



I understand that The Healthy Posture Program does not at any time replace proper medical advice and that it is simply a wellness program designed to help me reduce pain/stress/tension in my body and change my relationship with my pain. I understand that it is designed to promote a sense of empowerment and healing to both my mind and my body.

I understand that all of my personal health information that has been collected during this program by Jennifer Rossy is confidential and is only being used to help me with my Healthy Posture Process. I have read and agree with the policies associated with this website found HERE.

I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions found HERE.

Please fill out the consent form below to finalize our agreement in working together! So excited to

have you in the program!



The Healthy Posture Coaching Contract Consent

Thanks for Joining the Program!

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