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Spiritual Healing 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing helps to clear emotional blockages and stagnant energy within your subtle anatomy. Each emotional experience we have in life gets registered in our bodies and has the capacity to bring us closer to healing or farther away from it.

Using this ancient and non-invasive healing technique is a wonderful way to address energetic imbalances and blockages within your system. Read more about Reiki HERE.

Jennifer offers Reiki Healing in Almonte at Element Massage Therapy (Coming February 2024) and currently at her Carleton Place location.


Decoding Your Energy Body

This online course gives you a chance to discover your energetic anatomy step by step. You will learn about the 7 major energy centers (chakras) of the human body and how they are guiding you to heal deeply and completely.

We are all energy beings living in a physical body and when we only look at healing from a physical stand point we miss out on the opportunity to heal at a much deeper level.

This online and "on demand" course is coming soon!

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