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Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist, yoga instructor and full body healing  professional. She looks at any issue holistically and ensures that she addresses physical symptoms with a very thorough review and integrated approach. She has helped me numerous times with symptoms that other medical professionals could not explain and provided medication to address. I feel Jennifer really listens and cares about your health and does her best to provide a unique personalized approach to wellness for each of her clients.

- S. Ross

I trust Jennifer whole-heartedly. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience helped to support my decision to add yoga to my regime. Over the years that she has been providing me, at times bi-weekly massage, she has also offered personal training advice. Her knowledge of the human body and my various areas of need have made her the perfect yoga instructor for my mind and body. I would highly recommend Jennifer and am so fortunate to have found such an amazing professional!

-J. Sinclair

I know Jennifer on a personal level, but as my interest in yoga and the spiritual world has grown, she has been a great mentor for me. Jennifer is a natural teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivated and passionate about health. I have tried yoga many times and I have never found a class I enjoy more. Jennifer's classes are intimate, dynamic and address each individuals needs regardless of the level of experience. She teaches in a way that is easy to follow. I am eager to continue learning from Jennifer in the future.


-S. Latchford

I have been Jen's client for over 8 years now, and could not be happier with our therapeutic relationship, and the results we have achieved together!
She is passionate about her work and her client's best interests are always foremost in her mind. 
I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.


- M. McKillop

In recent months I was experiencing difficulty with overwhelming exhaustion, disconnection & malaise. Jennifer conducted an energy reading and identified concerns and guidance on a number of areas in my life, both personally and professionally. She felt strongly that there would be a major health issue in my life with a very imminent timeline and she was absolutely correct. In less than 3 months I encountered a serious health crisis. Jennifer in my opinion has incredible intuitive abilities which she shares openly to help guide others on their paths of physical and spiritual well-being. My experience with Jennifer has brought me a greater sense of self awareness which has allowed me to move forward in a healthier way both physically and spiritually


.-S. Lloyd

I have seen JLynn for massage for several years now, and am amazed at her skills. She has a deep understanding of anatomy adn can quickly pinpoint problem areas. Her massage is focused and very helpful, often resulting in just one or two sessions to solve the problem. I have also recently started atending yoga classes with her and absolutely love how she offers full body stretching, relaxation and therapeutic movement in her sessions as it results in me feeling so much better starting my day. I am looking forward to more classes with her and deepening my understanding of my body. I would not hesitate to recommend working with her!

-T. Caldwell

I sought Jennifer Rossy's care due to chronic pain issues from fibromyalgia and TMJ disorder.  Not only has her hands on treatment given me a significant reduction in daily symptoms and pain, she has also provided me with yoga techniques that included breathing and relaxation.  These exercises along with postural adjustments and visualization have considerably improved my stress reduction.  I highly recommend going to see her.

-K. Clark

I am a psychic medium and have had many traumas in my life. I have seen many different healers over the years in hopes of receiving help and support. I can tell you that not all healers are created equal, but Jennifer is the real deal. She is an incredible intuitive and a true medicine woman with a beautiful heart. She gives 110% to her clients. She easily pinpoints areas in your life (spiritual, emotional and physical) that need healing. She moves energy, offers support and encouragement, and empowers you by giving you the tools you need to continue healing on your own in your day to day. I leave Jennifer feeling lighter and more balanced. I always look forward to my sessions with Jenn and I know that I will continue to see her for years to come. So much love to her.

-R. Coleman

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