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Jennifer Rossy

This program is designed to help people who work hard online relieve their nagging back & neck they can feel more relaxed and balanced in their bodies.


Do you suffer from tension headaches, especially as the day progresses?

Do you feel burning pain in between your shoulder blades when you sit or stand at your computer?

Does your neck hurt shortly after looking down at your phone?

Do you suffer from low back pain during or after you've been seated for a time?

Do you feel your pain is affecting your productivity and efficiency?

Does you feel less energetic because you have nagging back & neck pain?

Here is the problem...

-you feel stuck in your daily routine and know that being at your computer is causing issues with your back and neck ... but who has the time to research and execute an appropriate plan of action?

-you would love to start taking action at home to help improve your energy ... but you have no idea what to do and where to start

-you have heard that yoga is a wonderful way to keep your body healthy, reduce stress and balance for optimal wellness but don't know how to implement it into your daily life

-you'd love to avoid and or reduce the risk factors of sitting at your computer and being on devices all day so you can balance your life but need the right information and accountability to get going

There is a solution to these problems...


-learning how to set yourself up for success in posture; including sitting, standing and sleeping (so you can immediately start reducing the stress being placed on your muscles, bones and joints that are causing you pain)

-instantly having a complete guide on how to use yoga postures & wellness principles that will help you strengthen your spine, promote mobility and joint alignment as well as reduce your stress and mental fatigue (without having to spend months trying to figure out how to do it yourself)

-empowering your lifestyle with a repeatable self-care plan that saves you mental effort, time, money, and sanity so you can keep being the amazingly productive woman you are

-confidently tackling the stress in your mind and body so you can change your quality of life and feel that sense of work life balance

Young Lawyer

Your a dedicated busy person working online but with such dedication comes extended hours on the computer and strain to your health.

Muscular imbalances become present the more your head moves forward and your shoulders round. This creates tension and stress in the associated soft tissues and joints and sets the stage for chronic pain, dysfunction and damage.

Heavy computer use creates mental and visual strain along with chronic tension headaches.

Your body is trying to communicate to you through pain that something needs to change! 


Online Program

Your Healthy Posture Program is built on 3 pillars of learning; body alignment, breath optimization and cultivating calmness. These 3 pillars are targeted yoga and health concepts that maximize healing and balance in your life.

You will have the opportunity to watch a variety of videos, practice healthy posture and yogic concepts and principles as well as benefit from multiple downloads and worksheets to keep you on track. This online program is "on demand" and can be accessed on any device and in any time zone.


The Healthy Posture Program

Pillar 01

Body Alignment

The health of your spine and nerves that both live in it and exit from it determines your overall well-being. Nerves need space to send messages throughout your body for proper functioning of virtually everything from digestion to movement and breathing.....and more! 

Faulty posture changes the alignment of the bones, muscles and joints of your upper and lower body in varying degrees. This causes compression syndromes, bony changes, muscle weakness, repetitive strain dysfunctions and PAIN! Chronic pain changes how you experience your life...

This part of the program will teach you how to support your body correctly while sitting at the computer, while sleeping and standing. You will have the chance to use a variety of yoga postures (don't worry, NO TRENDY yoga here), functional movements and stretches to work with the alignment your body desperately needs!


Pillar 02

Breath Optimization

Stress is a "hot topic" these days and it is one of the most important things you can address when it comes to your overall health and wellness. 

Stress isn't just a mental state, it is also a physiological state. Your nervous system determines stressors both in your internal environment and your external environment. This part of the program will expand on your understanding of proper posture and alignment and teach you how faulty postural habits promote unhealthy breathing habits which affects your pain experience and the health of your entire system.

Postural stress is partially alleviated by proper sitting, alignment, exercises and stretches as previuosly suggested in Pillar1, but the concept of proper breathing cannot be overlooked as a means of helping to bring your body into further balance and health.

Pillar 03

Cultivating Calmness

Are you aware of the power you have in your mind? When you deal with pain and dysfunction on a regular basis you...without knowing it perpetuate your pain cycle. This is due to "auto-wiring".

The health of your mind is critical to your mind-body balance and is dependant on exercises just like your physical body.

Meditation is one such exercise that when practiced regularly helps to reduce stressful thinking patterns, worries and anxiety...all of which are critical to work with when thinking about balance and healthy living.

This part of the program covers the benefits of regular stress relief and guided meditation as a means of working with mindfulness and presence. The primary focus here is to regulate the stress response of your nervous system and cultivate a state of calm so your body can heal and reset.


Hi, I'm Jennifer

I graduated from the Health Sciences Massage Therapy Program offered at Algonquin College, ON in 2003, and have been practicing as a Registered Health Professional in this capacity for the past 20 years.

During this time I learned, first-hand, how truly broken the healthcare system is. Unfortunately, conventional healthcare is not designed to help people truly understand how their bodies work along with the "why's" they are in pain and the "how's" of helping themselves at home — and we need these tools now more than ever as more and more women are working online.

Through thousands of treatment hours and postural problems being at the root of over 90% of them, I found myself becoming a broken record. I was saying the same thing over and over while clients were on the table and then was quickly giving them the exercises they needed at the end ...which most of them forgot by the time they got home (nobody wants to sacrifice massage time for exercsies....right?)

Now that I am working online just like you, a health professional and yoga teacher, I've decided to put my years of experience & education into this online program for people looking to invest in their health so they can tackle their "nagging" neck and back pain from home!

The Healthy Posture Program

Helping you "fill the gap" on what your body and mind need to stay healthy while working regularly online!

This health & wellness program is a comprehensive online program that is offered by a Regulated Health Professional in the province of Ontario (Jennifer Rossy, RMT) and Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. This program includes everything you need to start understanding why you have "nagging" back and neck pain from hours at the computer and how to use yoga and health strategies to impact your health and wellness in a big way.

It's time you step into the driver seat of your own health!




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Who is this program for?

This health and yoga program is for people who work online and struggle with tension headaches, upper and lower back pain and tension, burning between the shoulder blades as well as chronic neck pain. 

It is meant to help you prevent long term issues and damage in your body but is also helpful in managing painful symptoms you may be experiencing in your back, neck and shoulders. Yoga provides us with many tools and principles to living a healthy lifestyle. No previous yoga experience is necessary to fully benefit from the program as we are not into TRENDY yoga here.

How long does it take to go through the program?

This program is designed to take approximately 12-weeks and includes; weekly online teaching components, exercises, yoga videos and additional downloads to optimize your posture and stress relief at home.

Can I complete this program while working full-time in my business?

This program is set up perfectly for “busy” people. You can complete the online program modules flexibly within your unique schedule. It was designed this way, intentionally, because most of you are juggling careers and family obligations. This program is designed to work for you no matter where you are located as the online program is accessible across all time zones and on any device. 


Should I stop my regular massage therapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy care while taking the program?

Absolutely not! You are encouraged to continue with the care set out by your provider as this program is simply meant to help you understand why your faulty posture is causing you pain and why it is so important to take consistent action NOW before things get worse.

This program is meant to enhance your health and wellness because most therapists (trust me I know!) are too busy to explain what you need fully in terms of exercises, stretching and breathing let alone modify anything to your personal postural presentation.

I’m not sure this is the right time for me to do this. I’m too busy/am moving/have a major life event coming up … maybe I should wait for the next enrollment?

I get it. And I know it feels like it might be better to hold off, but trust me: there will never be a “perfect time”, and waiting for the stars to align will only keep you stuck, waiting forever. No matter how busy you are, it’s much better to do something small every day (as long as it's in the right direction), than to do NOTHING at all and wait for the "perfect" time.

And remember: with each passing week of sitting all day on computers for work or leisure continues to deteriorate your spinal health and wreak havoc on the muscles and joints of your body. Yoga is mind-body medicine and provides you with a holistic approach to healing.

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