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Stretch with Block

Your posture is one of the most important things to address when it comes to the wellness of your being.


Your posture determines how the muscles of your body support your spine, joints and bones.

Over time if you don't regularly work to align with healthy postural habits, joint mobility, soft tissue release and healthy range of motion you can set the stage for a variety of dysfunctions as well as chronic pain....

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I graduated from the Health Sciences Massage Therapy Program offered at Algonquin College, ON in 2003, and have been practicing as a Registered Health Professional in this capacity for the past 20 years.

During this time I learned, first-hand, how truly broken the healthcare system is. Unfortunately, conventional healthcare is not designed to help people truly understand how their bodies work along with the "why's" and "how's" to help themselves at home — and we need these tools now more than ever as we go more and more digital.

A huge gap became painfully obvious to me so I am pivoting towards the teaching aspect of posture, how it relates to your overall health and wellness, but to also give you the correct health and yoga strategies to help yourself on your own time. By understanding your body's needs, how to set up for success on devices and what the long term impacts are if you don't gives you the personal power to make lifestyle choices that count.

Through thousands of treatment hours and postural problems being at the root of over 90% of them, I found myself becoming a broken record. I was saying the same thing over and over while clients were on the table and then was quickly giving them the exercises they needed at the end ...which most of them forgot by the time they got home (nobody wants to sacrifice massage time for exercsies....right?)

As a yoga teacher since 2015 I have also seen both professionally and personally how a regular and targeted yoga practice can help stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints associated with poor postural habits which helps to; increase mobility & strength while decreasing stress & pain.

So here I am putting all of this experience & education into your online LIVE weekly yoga classes (held on ZOOM) that will support your goals for alignment and overall wellness!

Your Classes Include;

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Please note you must reside in Canada to be eligible to take these classes with Jennifer Rossy, RMT/Yoga Teacher.

$78 CAD


January 10, 17 & 31
February 7, 14 & 21, 2024

Classes held online Wednesdays at 7pm EST

using the Zoom Platform

Please note payments are required in full before the first class and are accepted by e-transfer once space in the class has been confirmed to you by Jennifer.

Thank you

My signature, all-in-one coaching and online program for women who work online for a living gives the step-by-step guidance needed (plus a supportive community of like minded women) to reduce the effects of chronic and repetitive stress that is damaging their body.

Faulty posture can lead to tendon problems, increased spinal degeneration, chronic headaches, frozen shoulder, chronic stress, carpal tunnel and more.... 

In this health program you will get the proven and practical strategies that will help you take the drivers seat of your own life!

The Healthy
Posture Program

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